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Balloons are the most popular decorative item at parties, be it a birthday, anniversary, or wedding; balloon decorations make occasions really colourful and memorable. After all, they are an important decorative part of celebrations, be they big or small. But it is necessary to understand whether these balloons are safe or not. In this blog, GoBalloons will help you understand why helium balloons are safer as opposed to hydrogen balloons.

Difference Between Helium Gas Hydrogen Gas

Helium and hydrogen are both lighter than air. However, hydrogen is extremely inflammable, thereby making for a rather dangerous choice. On the other hand, helium is cool and inserted. The atoms in helium are bigger and do not diffuse rapidly through a balloon. They do not even burn or react in any circumstances. It is certainly a little costlier; however, it is a lot safer to store and work with.

Is Using Hydrogen Balloons Safe?

Although helium is a safe gas to use, we recommend you not to inhale helium from a balloon directly because it is likely to force out oxygen in the air, thereby causing suffocation.

Why GoBalloons Uses Helium And Not Hydrogen To Fill Balloons

To get a floating balloon, the lighter the gas, the better. And as we mentioned above, helium is indeed lighter than air. The issue with hydrogen balloons is that they are explosive, and when you have your kids running around with balloons that may catch fire and blow up, they are certainly going to have some health implications. This is why helium is a better and safer choice for your party’s balloon decorations.

Why Do We Prefer Helium In Balloons?

We use helium in our balloons because hydrogen is quite harmful and can cause severe hazards when it escapes into the upper atmosphere. It also ignites even with minimal heat on getting in contact with the atmosphere. It is also difficult to collect and store this gas; as it is very light, it can escape into the atmosphere immediately. Hence, due to such issues, we prefer using helium over hydrogen to fill out balloons.

Why Is Helium Safer Than Hydrogen?

Helium is a safer gas for kids. It keeps any kind of explosion at bay and does not catch fire. On the other hand, hydrogen is a light element that catches fire almost immediately. Since helium is also a lighter gas, balloons can float in the air and make your celebrations special for your close ones. 

Summing Up!

Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas and is also cheaper as opposed to helium, which is why most decorators use hydrogen to make balloons float. This is why you can rest assured with GoBalloons because we only provide helium balloons for decorations, balloon bouquets, etc. Get in touch with us today to avail our decor services today.

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