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The day will come when you’ll hold a baby in your arms, overcome with the joy of becoming a parent. Let’s start preparing for the baby by purchasing those adorable clothing and small shoes. But hold on! Before you begin these preparations, you must prepare for the baby shower.

Allow the baby shower decorations to match the baby’s aesthetic. It’s time to start decorating the venue with balloons. Here are the top five suggestions for your baby shower.

  • A balloon wall: There is nothing better than having a wall of balloons. Ask your balloon artist to make a wall of balloons and place it behind your seat. You can also add those neon nights to add a classy effect to your decor. Consider adding fairy lights if you want to add that dainty and warm look to your baby shower. Bonus: You get amazing pictures while posing with your cute baby bump in front of this balloon wall.
  • A metallic balloon arch: Nothing more classic than metallic balloons. Mix some pastel-shaded balloons with metallic balloons and then ask the balloon artist to create an arc out of them. You can place a table with this arch as a background and do your cake-cutting ceremony here. To make it even more attractive, mix the sizes of the different balloons to catch more attention. 
  • Add cute balloon rings: Balloons bring out your inner child. Why don’t you put balloon rings all around? Allow everyone to feel the baby’s arrival with the adorable balloon rings. As cinematic as it gets! Request your balloon artist to construct balloon rings that complement the theme.
  • Add ribbons with balloons: Those falling ribbons have a gorgeous effect on your decor. Make a perfect backdrop for your baby shower by adding ribbons and balloons. Match the colours to add that effect and keep things looking beautiful. Consider adding metallic stripes with pastel balloons to follow the latest trend.
  • A balloon photo booth: Adding photo booths to your events is in trend these days. What about creating a photo booth out of balloons? Using contrasting balloon colours can bring a beautiful pop to your baby shower. Capture adorable images of your baby belly with the balloons in the background.


Use these fantastic baby shower décor ideas to brighten the celebration using balloons. It’s time to welcome the baby and receive all of God’s blessings. Have fun decorating your location with these balloon ideas. Go Balloons is a leading balloon decorator in Gurgaon. If you choose us to plan your baby shower, we will utilize non-toxic balloons to ensure your safety. Because we are concerned with safety as much as celebration.

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