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Our trained artists twist, turn, and bend balloons to make anything from cool balloon shapes to colourful balloon animals and add that extra magic to your event, leaving guests with a small memento to remember all the fun they had at the party. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your kid, or it’s a school event, family day at work place, or any other special occasion, a professional balloon artist is the perfect way for event entertainment to take the festivities to newer heights. We use only high-quality, 100% biodegradable non-toxic balloons in all our balloon twisting programs and packages.

Birthday Packages

The Balloon Twisting Workshop is most suited to children 4 years – 13 years old. The kids are taught how to make balloon animal dog, balloon sword and even some crazy balloon hats. Believe us when we say it is super fun. The activity of course is a great photo opportunity!….So, just be sure to have a camera ready, it will be the most colourful n happy photo you have ever taken.
P.S- We only take pre-bookings for balloon artists.


If you have a home party or a small get together of 8-15 kids then a Mini package is apt and depending on the age group the balloon artist will engage kids with fun balloon modelling. Time Duration -1 hour (includes Pack of 50 modelling colourful balloons)



For a guest list that includes 15-25 kids, this one is more ideal. A lot of times the grownups end up enjoying this as much. So let the fun times roll at the party. Time-2 Hours (includes pack of 100 modelling colourful balloons)


At Goballoons we are a team of happy people completely in love with balloons. Our mission is to make our biodegradable balloons an integral part of learning in children starting from as young as 2 years. We aspire to make the learning fun filled and at the same time informative.

Children have lots of fun with balloons, but there is more to Balloons then we realize. Let’s explore this:

  1. Scope for 2-4 years children

a. They are drawn to the bright colors and balloons are easier than a ball to throw and catch.

b. We can use action words, describing words (eg. Color and size) and words that relate to position e.g up and down. These words for color, size and position are used for learning early maths.

c. They  enjoy activities that include exploring their environment and finding out how things work.

d. Story telling sessions – Stories are an inseparable part of our formative years.  Balloons make interesting props and never fail to excite their imagination. It enhances and encourages the listening skills of children. It is an interactive activity and develops their skills to visualize over the years. For example: Introducing children to land animals, water animals and their flora and fauna.

  1. Scope for 4-7 years children

a. Balloon modeling teaches hand eye coordination.

b. Helps develop and enhance manual dexterity through teaching them to twist and hold the balloons gently.

c. Improves fine motor skills

d. Increases self discipline

e. Allows an immense range of creative / artistic expression through making shapes, animal figures etc.

f. Provides an opportunity to learn together n develop teamwork

g. Helps develop and enhance patience

h. Teaches children how to listen.

i. Once again here too story telling forms a very important part of their mental and emotional development.

Our fun filled school workshops are tailor made and led by our lead program designer. She accompanies the balloon artist. (Please click on the link for her detailed profile) The workshop charges are very nominal since the idea is to spread awareness besides spreading joy through our workshop. And of course we love kids as much as we adore balloons.


Family Day at work is an annual feature for a lot of companies today. Normally it is a challenge to find new fun filled activities for the heterogeneous group and across mixed age group.  Trust us when we say that our Balloon Artists are capable of engaging kids and adults alike. Our senior balloon artists are adept in conversing in English and Hindi.

In case you are looking for a theme based décor for the event too, all you need to do call our balloon helpline 8010804444 and we promise to make it a hassle free memorable day for you and your colleagues. Click on the link below to know more.

Please find our packages for Balloon Modelling for Corporate Events

  1. Balloon artist with 200 (or infinite) balloons Rs 7500/-
  2. Balloon artist plus host with engaging balloon games Rs 10000/-

PROMOTIONAL EVENTS like education mela, school stalls, kids product launches, exhibitions

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