Personalized Balloons

Girl with BalloonsPersonalized Balloons

Need a single balloon with your name? We will do that for you. No Minimum Order Commitment !


Create that personal touch on the balloons you are gifting to your loved ones. Available in over 10 colors in round and star shapes, these mylar balloons are filled with 99.995% pure helium and float for an average of 5 days. If not punctured, these can be refilled.


Bigger the better! The supersize Mylar balloons can be customized with your message on the balloon. Chose from a Royal Blue or Rose Gold Star, Classic Red Heart or Pure White Round. These balloons are customized and presented in an arrangement form. If taken care of, they last for over 2 weeks.




Number arrangements are made with 34” mylar balloons filled with 99.995% pure Helium. Attached to a balloon base, there are hundreds of combinations and options that can be worked around the same. Completely customized, they can bring your imagination to life and with an average life of 2 weeks, number arrangements only add a little more time to the occasion and celebration as they keep a corner decorated for quite some time. The number arrangements start at Rs 1199/- only. Chose from a range of colors, Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue


Call our Balloon Line at 80-10-80-4444 to get one crafted for you. And of course, we will deliver this to your loved ones.