Girl with BalloonsHelium Filled Balloons

It’s just when you want to make your special one even more special, helium filled latex balloons do that magic.

These 100% bio degradable latex balloons are filled with 99.995% pure helium that gives the balloons over 12 hours* of float time. Since we deliver the balloons pre filled and pre attached curled ribbons, it takes not more than 5 minutes to set them up in the room. Additionally, if you need our teams assistance in hanging the pictures or messages to the balloons, they are happy to serve you!



We feel that this is one of the best way to surprise and leave your loved ones spell bound. Classy and not messy, the helium filled balloons are bound to create a memory for a lifetime.


For a standard size bedroom we suggest that 25 balloons of 11”/12” are good enough to get that smile you’ve been waiting for.


Chose from a range of Pastel Shades, Printed or Metallic textures balloons, starting at just Rs. 80/- per pc. Call our Balloon Line 80-10-80-4444 to book a surprise for that special one in your life.



Alternately you could order for the same balloons arranged in a bunch format. You may chose from a classic 7 starting @ Rs. 799 or classic 10 starting at Rs 1099/- Available in over 40 shades and prints, our balloon artists would be happy to help you in making the right selection.

* Float time depends on the room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The float time, however, can be increased by upto 3-4 times by treating the balloons with Ultra Hi-Float ©.