Balloon Release

do-it-1Imagine a sky full of balloons! Imagine the bright colors come alive against an immaculate & majestic blue sky as you watch a Mass Balloon release.
Well, just to give legs to that imagination, have a look at this video:

Helium filled Mass Balloon releases are now possible in your city! Very apt and suitable for events like sports events, school events, corporate launches & if you want to add a touch of grandeur to any other event.Not only for corporates or business, it’s a great site for your next social event too! Like they say “God is in details”, the same is applicable here too.

We release only latex balloons made of natural rubber, which are 100% bio degradable. All our balloons are self-tied. We take care not to use any attachments, like threads, ribbons to the balloons, which are not bio degradable.  Only pure Helium is used to make the balloons float. Helium is a colourless, odourless and tasteless non poisonous, non-flammable, non-toxic naturally occurring and environment friendly gas, that often used to fill balloons to make them fly.  It is also called a noble gas.

WARNING: Hydrogen also makes the balloons float but should never be used for this purpose as Hydrogen is highly dangerous as it could burn and cause explosions. Hydrogen is a flammable gas. Remember the last time when we heard that a Space rockets uses Liquid Hydrogen as fuel!! So no point filling your balloons with a fuel and convert them to live bombs.

Use of Hydrogen gas to make the balloons float is so unnecessary and may have serious repercussions. We advise you to think again in the interest of your safety and also the safety of the children & others attending your function. So be careful and make sure your balloon vendor/decorator uses only Helium gas We use specially made balloon nets to release up to 500 balloons in one go. We use Conwin’s (USA) Made Dual speed Helium regulators to complete the inflation in time.

Call us at 80-10-80-4444 and see the fun and colors come alive in the sky at your next occasion!